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Kelby Training teaches the most up-to-date techniques for photographers and graphic designers by offering online training courses, seminars, DVDs and books. The online training courses are taught by well-known professionals such as Scott Kelby, David Ziser, Frank Doorhof and others. Students learn how to master Photoshop, create perfect lighting for their photographs, learn how to design websites with Dreamweaver, learn how to build an e-commerce site with WordPress and much more. Even better, they can study at their own pace.

Fundamental classes include:

Students who need more instruction or prefer to learn offline can buy books and DVDs. They can buy them in “super bundles” or individually.

Titles include:

Customers can refer to the FAQ should they have questions or problems with DVDs, seminars or online training courses. If they cannot find a solution on the troubleshooting page, they may contact Kelby Training via mail, phone, fax or toll free. The toll-free number is limited to customers within the United States.

Kelby Training: What makes it different?


Professionals and students can attend seminars that will teach them the latest and most advanced techniques in photography, creative design, Photoshop and Creative Suite. These seminars are held nationwide. Dates and locations are posted on the website.

Free Trial

Kelby Training offers a 24-hour free trial for people who are unsure about the quality of the classes. They offer 50 free passes per day. Customers who miss out can try again the next day.

iPhone and iPad Apps

Kelby Training offers eight apps for the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the free Online Training app, students with an iPhone or iPad can learn from anywhere they want. Photoshop users and digital photographers may download the free Photoshop World Conference & Expo app to catch up on the latest news about the event, select classes to attend, locate where they are and more. Light It: The How-to Magazine for Studio Lighting and Off-Camera Flash is a free app for the iPad only. This digital magazine will help photographers of all skill levels by providing tips, interviews with leading photographers, news about the latest equipment and more. The premier issue is free. After that, photographers can pay $2.99 for each subsequent or back issue, without getting locked into paying for a subscription.

Paid apps include:


Students can enjoy discounts on Kelby Training products after they sign up for a membership with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). They are also eligible to receive discounts on other items, such as photography equipment, software, Photoshop actions and filters and more. Once the student signs up for the NAPP membership, they can log on with their NAPP login information on the Kelby Training site in order to receive their discounts at the Kelby store.                

Kelby Training vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Kelby Training) offers a broader selection of online training courses for their subscribers. Some of the courses include Photoshop CS5 Training for Photographers, Excel 2010 Essential Training and Android App Development with Java Essential Training. Their training videos include downloadable files that help walk the student through the learning process. They must sign up for a Premium membership in order to gain access to these files. After the student completes the course, he receives a certificate of completion, which he can print out to include with his resume.

Searchable transcripts of the courses come in handy when Internet connection is poor, or if the student prefers to read rather than watch the video. Closed Captioned tutorials are available for the hearing impaired. Kelby Training does not appear to offer these services.

Students can purchase DVDs on the site. Alternately, they can go to or their local Barnes & Noble to purchase books with accompanying DVDs. Kelby Training also offers books and DVDs on these sites. makes it convenient for businesses, schools and government agencies to provide training for their employees by offering special packages. Kelby Training focuses on the individual learner. Students can learn on-the-go, thanks to’s free iPhone app. They have access to all of the courses that are available on the website. Kelby Training offers the same kind of app, plus more specialized apps.

Total Training also offers a broad spectrum of online training courses, as well as DVDs. Some of these courses include Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows 7. Their selection is not as vast as’s or as specialized as Kelby Training. They do offer corporate solutions and free samples. Users must enter their information in order to receive those samples.

Kelby Training: Pricing & packages

Monthly subscriptions for Kelby Training, and Total training are the same. The substantial price differences occur with the annual subscriptions. Photographers and graphic designers get a better deal with Kelby Training because they do not have to pay to have access to the multitude of courses that they may never use. However, if they want to learn programming and web development, they may want to consider signing up for a monthly subscription with

Subscription Plans
Kelby Training offers a monthly subscription for $24.99 and a yearly subscription for $199. Students who sign up for the NAPP membership may save on the Kelby Training subscription plans. offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions for basic and premium members. The subscription rates are as follows.

Monthly Subscription - $25
Monthly Premium Subscription - $37.50
Annual Subscription - $250.00
Annual Premium Subscription - $375.00

Total Training offers monthly, six-month, annual and 2-year subscription plans. Their rates are as follows.

Monthly - $24.99
6-Month - $137.94
Annual - $239.88
2-Year - $399.99


Kelby Training - TACK SHARP! Sharpening in Adobe CS5 & Lightroom 3 - $49.99 - Creating an Adaptive Web Site for Multiple Screens - $49.95    
Total Training - Adobe Photoshop: Mastering Advanced Techniques with Brian Maffitt - $50    

Kelby Training: Product images & screenshots
Kelby Training Coupons
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Kelby Training: Customer reviews & comments

Overall, customers had very positive experiences with Kelby Training. They appreciated the low monthly subscription fee, the quality of the courses and the options they have in viewing these courses. They would appreciate a bookmarking capability, should they need to stop their training at any point in the videos. At the moment, they have to remember their place and wind the video forward if they want to continue from that point. Classes can be slow moving at times, and some of the teachers are not as engaging as others. The Kelby Training app received favorable reviews, although it does not have the bookmarking option.      

For $24 per month, it’s a no-brainer.  Fantastic classes.

If your a Photoshop professional, I highly recommend you check out the offerings at

The Kelby Training App is perfect for me. I’d even say I’ve missed it. I’ve sat countless hours in front of my office computer watching Kelby Training videos and wanted to lie on the couch instead. I could’ve used my laptop, a MacBook Pro, but they get so hot from continued use. No, I want to slouch on the couch with the iPad and watch videos and now I can.

I’ve spent this weekend watching the “A day with Jay Maisel” course. It’s gone very well. There is one slight thing I’d like to see in a future release of the app and that is bookmarking. Either the app automatically remembers where you left off when you exit it or you have the ability to bookmark your position yourself. If you go to and from viewing a course, it gets tiresome having to search and locate it every time you start the app. Add some sort of bookmarking and it’s the perfect app for me.

Highly recommended.

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